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5 things to know before you hire a caterer in Fresno

You want your local event catered, what should you decide before you begin to hire a caterer in Fresno?

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There are numerous types or styles of catering that one can choose from.  But before we discuss the styles, we need to decide whether your event is catered on-premise or off-premise.

What’s  the difference? The on-premise caterer is one who is attached to the venue in which you are holding your event.  The kitchen facilities are part of the venue and everything is prepped and cooked on site. It isn’t unusual that an event venue will have an in-house caterer, baker, bar service and so on. One of the first questions you should ask while booking a venue is if they have their own vendors.  If that works well for you, continue on with setting budgets, securing your date, arrange a tasting and so on. If your heart is set on using a particular caterer that this venue doesn’t use, you’ll have to continue your search.

With off-site catering you choose whomever you’d like and they prepare their food in a commercial kitchen not connected to the venue. Food is then safely transported using insulated coolers, refrigerated vehicles and portable warming units.  This equipment ensures safe food handling that any reputable caterer will use. 

Caterers who specialize in barbecue usually bring their own barbecue equipment along with any other items needed for safe handling of the food. 

With on-premise or off-premise caterers the decision between a sit down meal served by staff or a buffet style dinner should be made at the very start of your planning. If you choose a sit down dinner it’s important that you are shown how food is arranged on the plate and what garnish is used. This is usually accomplished when you schedule a tasting.

For a buffet dinner, ask to see a plan of the room arrangement. This will help with room set up and decorating when you see the buffet table placements and the design for orderly traffic flow around the buffet.  

As always, budget is of utmost consideration.  Be sure in the contract you sign with your caterer all details of what they provide are clear.  Make sure it’s a caterer that you trust and rely on their expertise to ensure a beautiful, delicious event.