Trendy Catering Fresno

Trendy Catering Loves What They Do

Trendy Catering partners Matthew McComas and Mike Cook have over 40 years combined restaurant, cooking, catering and all around food business experience. This experience not only makes them amazing chefs but knowledgeable in all aspects of the food industry. From catering large events to helping launch food business start ups, they have done and continue to do it all. Catering however remains at the core of who they are. Creating an event that brings people around a table to share life while enjoying delicious food, is what it’s all about.

Pork Loin with garlic potatoes and mixed vegetables
Catering to the Fresno area, our delicious Pork Loin with garlic potatoes and mixed vegetables

They decided to take all that they learned from various restaurant endeavors and pour that into their catering. Ask Matthew what their specialty is at Trendy Catering and he is quick to answer, good food!

Matthew considers himself very fortunate to have such a rich heritage of food and cooking. His grandfather as well as his father taught and showed him what preparing great food is all about. He grew up surrounded in a food centric environment and was trained under many, many master chefs. Matthew’s first apprenticeship was when he was twelve years old which led to his first formal apprenticeship when he was fourteen. The love of creating great food and bringing people together to share a great meal around a table is the passion that drives Trendy Catering.

Trendy Catering has served delicious food at countless events in the Fresno area and of course throughout the Central Valley for many years. One goal of Trendy Catering is to keep costs at a very affordable rate while not compromising the quality of the food. Keeping costs low allows for people from all economic backgrounds to sit down at an event that Trendy caters and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Chicken with country gravy
Enjoy our Chicken with country gravy

The most requested dish from Trendy Catering is hands down, Rosemary Chicken. Matthew and Mike have perfected this dish by preparing what they call “Trendy style” chicken. Due to their many years of experience in cooking and catering they have perfected their Rosemary Chicken to a delicious, flavorful dish that is never dry. As Matthew describes it, “it’s such a good time in your belly”.

Matthew and Mike love what they do. Catering allows them to be a part of people’s lives and share in some of life’s biggest events. People gathered around a table celebrating, mourning, sharing, all while enjoying delicious food feeds the soul as well as the belly. Trendy catering is all about bringing great food that is prepared with care and whole lot of love all at an affordable price. Everybody should be able to sit down at a table and enjoy a meal together. Around the table is where the best times should be. No one should be excluded. Trendy Catering love what they do and love that they get to share what they do!