Mushroom Alfredo

Mushroom Alfredo, so creamy and wonderful.

Old world Recipes

Pasta you must taste to believe

Creamy Artichoke

Creamy Artichoke Alfredo
Mike Cook Fresno Caterer Pomadoro Pasta Co

Luna di Miele

When my wife agreed to marry me, I told her we could go anywhere for our honeymoon (Luna di Miele), she said Italy.

In Italy my affinity for the cuisine of “The Boot” was taken to new levels. The secret, I was told, was find the freshest ingredients, and keep the recipes simple.

Simple elegance and heirloom recipes are presented to you right here in Fresno. Old world inspired dishes, with a passion for cooking.

Mike has been creating Italian food in California since his place Valentina’s in 1989. He is one of the creative forces behind some of the best Italian Restaurants in the Central Valley.

Mike is an Award winning Chef who believes that one should take pleasure out of life…When life has offered up strife, there is no greater solace than being served. He understands, and relishes the service of his clientele…

“Nothing is more pleasurable than hearing compliments about my food from my clients…Meals are the great equalizer, eating is so primal and universal…we all can remember that one great meal…

I want to be a part of that!”

Simple elegance with Heirloom Recipes

 15 plate minimum.

We use the freshest ingredients possible. “Taste, value, elegance and creativity” and we show this in every dish we create.

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