Fresno Best Caterers, do you recommend a contract?

Fresno Best Caterers Contract Suggestions

Once  you have decided on catering your event in  Fresno, it’s customary to go over a contract that includes all the details of what you are getting and at what price.  In addition to the food for your event its important that in the contact it is specifically listed who and what the staff will be.  Depending on the size of your event and what style of dinner you are serving, staffing does vary. Here’s a few great guidelines that any reputable Fresno caterer would suggest.

Buffet – It’s ideal at a buffet that there are two servers for every 30 guests. One local Fresno caterer suggests that if you have a buffet table with people serving themselves from both sides of the table, it  should accommodate 40 guests. If your event has 80 guests then you need two identical buffet tables set up. More than 40 guests makes the buffet line way to long and slow. If it is a large event that you are hosting there should also be 2-3 additional staff members, runners, that can keep chafing dishes restocked and clear dishes.

Sit Down Dinner – For a sit down dinner one server per table of eight will keep the dinner flowing nicely.  Additional servers can handle the drink refills and extra requests, rolls, butter, sugar, cream, etc.

Great Fresno catered event
Best caterers in Fresno serving a great event

Bar Staff – For every 50 guests you should figure at least one bartender and one bar-back.  If you are planning on specialty drink stations, you will need a few additional bartenders.


Staffing is important to keep your event seamless.  When asking for references regarding local Fresno caterers ask about the food and,  how was the service? The right number of well trained staff will help make your event run smoothly and keep all your guests happy!  Check local social media and friends and family to find the best Fresno caterer for your event. And of course contact Best Fresno Caterers website for the best caterers in Fresno.